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One article looks at chocolate

chocolate-machines.com chocolate-machines.com 2017-12-14 18:20:07
There are a lot of people who like to eat chocolate, but the taste is different. Some people like the creamy white chocolate and the dark chocolate with a preference for fresh and bitter. Today's goal is to introduce several different flavors of chocolate. But before we do that we have to learn about chocolate.YOQ CHOCOLATE MACHINERY the most poupular Automatic Chocolate Making Machine Manufacturers.

In fact, the origin of chocolate is a drink made of cocoa beans and water and spices, and the first to drink was the mayans. The early 16th century Spanish explorer, jose cortes, discovered the drink in Mexico and brought it back to Spain in 1528 and planted cacao trees on a small island in west Africa.

The Spanish made the cocoa bean flour, and added water and sugar. The drink, which was made after heating, was called "chocolate" and was popular with the public. Soon its methods were learned by the italians and soon spread across Europe. It wasn't until 1847, when cocoa butter was added to chocolate, that it became known as chewing chocolate.

The classification of chocolate to roughly the following several kinds: dark chocolate, white chocolate, milk chocolate, chocolate color, chocolate (bag with nuts, chocolate, wine heart chocolate for this kind of chocolate).We are chocolate equipment supplier china, If you need any machine, please contact us.

It is worth mentioning that dark chocolate is generally not contained or contains a small amount of milk, which is usually low in sugar and has more pure cocoa. Cocoa itself is not sweet or even bitter. Some people believe that dark chocolate is the flavor of chocolate, and that the chemicals in cocoa can effectively treat heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, and vascular diseases. And the composition of white chocolate and milk chocolate are basically the same, just do not contain cocoa powder, dairy products and sugar content is relatively large, high sweetness high fat content, and even some people think it is not a chocolate.

The main components of chocolate in the market are generally "cocoa butter" and "cocoa butter". When buying, try to buy chocolate with natural "cocoa butter", the higher the cocoa fat content, the higher the content of polyphenols; In addition, choose chocolate with as low sugar content as possible.

Choose from the color, the darker the chocolate is healthier, the dark chocolate is better than the coffee chocolate, the coffee chocolate is better than the white chocolate; From ingredients, pure dark chocolate is better than chocolate with other ingredients, and nut chocolate is better than chocolate. So, in principle, eat chocolate as pure dark chocolate as possible, and the higher the cocoa butter, the better, and better than 50%. At the same time, it's better not to eat more than 100 grams of chocolate a day, or you may be at risk of excessive energy.

Whether it's a healthy Angle, a beauty Angle or a weight loss perspective, chocolate has its own unique features. By choosing the right chocolate and eating it correctly, you can enjoy the beauty of your health while enjoying it.

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