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How many days to eat dark chocolate?

  • Author:chocolate-machines.com
  • Source:chocolate-machines.com
  • Release on:2017-05-22
How many days to eat dark chocolate? Really like to eat the people can only eat dark chocolate, dark chocolate on the health of people is particularly good, but also eat black skill to control the weight, then, how many days to eat dark chocolate suitable?

How much chocolate intake a day or look at the human body within a day the total energy intake. If a person has a day intake of enough fat and other energy, exercise is not enough, eat chocolate but will cause a burden on the body. In general, want to eat black clever to protect the cardiovascular and cerebrovascular in the elderly one day intake of high quality black is not higher than 10g, a small amount of the amount is enough. In addition, because the heat of chocolate is very high, every 100g of chocolate contains 500 calories, which is equivalent to a big hamburger, so young people should pay attention to the intake of chocolate.

Because chocolate contains caffeine-like substances, depends on whether the personal constitution is sensitive to caffeine. In addition, oslim plant nutritionist tips everyone, some people will have gestational diabetes during pregnancy, so also pay attention to the intake of chocolate. In the production, you can eat some chocolate as an energy supplement. Because chocolate contains a small amount of oxalic acid, it is not recommended to 1 to 3 years old infants and young children eat chocolate, 3 years old children should eat after eating chocolate mouthwash, to prevent tooth decay.

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