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my love: chocolate ice cream

  • Author:chocolate-machines.com
  • Source:chocolate-machines.com
  • Release on:2017-05-19

Chocolate ice cream, swept the world's freezing point prince. Because of its noble and attractive shape, it is difficult to describe the delicious, can not resist the charm, and well-known world. It brings not only the romantic beauty of the wonderful taste, but also because of its enduring rich profits for many businesses to create a huge ice cream wealth, patrons door, full of money, rave reviews, filling the chocolate The magic of ice cream and famous style.

Chocolate ice cream is rich in multi-source phenol complex, nutritionists have proved: the phenolic complex not only to prevent the chocolate itself, fat and acid, more in the human body, the rapid absorption to the blood vessels in the blood of antioxidants The composition was significantly increased and was quickly active as a potent antioxidant that prevented LDL from oxidizing and inhibiting platelet activity in blood vessels. These constituents play an important role in maintaining blood circulation in human blood vessels.

Put the chocolate ice cream gently into the mouth, close your eyes to taste the taste of it, like fruit and herbs like tea full of spirituality and emotion ... ... all the trouble can be thrown do not want to, as if away from the city noise, To find a piece of their own quiet sky; candlelight moonlight with their mutual blend, wake up sleeping in the wonderful feeling; or sitting or lying, or bow or frown, deep section of the reverie, will become immortal scenery ... ... Yes, this is my favorite choice - chocolate ice cream.

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