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Chocolate Master--Answer the journalist 5

  • Author:Jo
  • Source:Jo
  • Release on:2015-06-25

Journalist: as you said you start with cocoa butter, why turned to chocolate making field?

Ji ShunYing: In the 1980th, a ton of cocoa powder price was 5000RMB, which means we did not earn money and lost a few hundred, but some other factory cocoa price was 3000RMB and with profit. Our salesmen advised that we use their cheap way to produce cocoa powder. Do you remember what I said about our school headmaster? I am very much affected by his character and the way of moral value, so I strongly against this proposal. How hard it is that we made our own good name of our brand, people in China or abroad feel OK if they see the word: DB403, why we would do this to break our brand? But whether I agree or disagree, the loss problem should be solved. I proposed to deeper processing which I had been thinking for long.
At that time, our DB403 winning the world praise has cause foreigners’ curiosity: China made so good cocoa butter without exporting abroad, what equipment they use? Who did this? After they asking about these questions, they wanted to make a visit to our factory. But our factory houses and equipment are old, we even use the olf type stone mill for grinding. Their first request was refused by our government. Considering foreigners would request visiting again, the leading department gave our factory some foreign exchange. Use the very limited foreign money we import not the whole set but some parts of equipment to our factory. Some workers are pointed to installation and commission, there were less on the production line, also the export mission increased, our leader asked me to be the workshop director from the technology department. I said to him it is OK, but as the technician, I want to start a lab. He allowed me 50 thousand RMB, but at that time, a chocolate costed 60 thousand, the grinding machine 70 thousand, so my amount of money is too little.
After the installation and commission of the chocolate machines, I gave up being the workshop director and do research with all my heart.

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