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Chocolate Master: Ji Shunying--Answer the journalist4

  • Author:Jo
  • Source:Jo
  • Release on:2015-06-24

Journalist: Is your first made cocoa butter the famous one around the world?

Ji ShunYing: No. Our cocoa butter was export but we did not really know the sale performance. One day Mr. Xu of Hongkong came to Shanghai, we asked about the sale situation. He said: not good, your goods “can not be on the shelf, only can be street vendors”in fact what he mean was our quality is not good and can not be a brand in the future exchange company. We can not be convinced and want to make it better anyway we had sacrificed a lot for our cocoa butter. We tried day and night, it was usual for us to stay up, sometimes, we even fell sleep when standing mixing the oil.
Finally, in 1964, we had made our high quality cocoa butter--DB403,D stands for Our factory name abbreviation, B stands for cocoa Butter, 4 stands the year 1964,03 means the third batch in that year time. DB403 is good enough to be famous around the world and even got the 26th Brussels world high quality food golden award. Finally we had our own brand on the future exchange company. Until now, some European and US clients are satisfied once they see the word DB403.
These years, some foreign friends come to visit and tell me that they knew my name decades ago.

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