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Chocolate Master: Ji Shunying--Answer the journalist 1

  • Author:Jo
  • Source:Jo
  • Release on:2015-06-24

Journalistas the first batch of the science and technology talents trained after the establish of the peoples republic of china, could you please share us with your study experience?

JiShunying: I studied in the Nanjing food industry school in the early 1950th, it is a secondary technical school, but it was established by our Party to train its own talents and directly under the charge of the light ministry leaders. We are the first batch of the students. The headmaster at that time was Mr. Xiang Jingyun, whose individual behaviorism has good influence on me and guide me through my whole life. We graduated after 4 years study had it happened that The former Soviet Union helps us with our 156 key projects, new talents was urgently needed, so some of us were picked to go on study in the university to prepare serving the important projects in the future. My major in secondary school was grease, and I go on studying on the major in university, I know more about domestic chemical industry, like:chemical equipment, Chemical manufacturing, synthetic grease etc.

But before we finish our study in university, China and the former soviet union relationship turned bed, they withdraw the experts in china so we graduated in advance. Because of our majors, we all stayed in Shanghai, I was alloted to the oldest Grease factory--Dayouyu oil factory, and then it changed its name to Shanghai Grease 4th factory.

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