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Suzhou“Big Shoe” VS Shanghai “Big Boot”

  • Author:Owen Lee
  • Release on:2015-06-24

In the morning of 21st June, two building are completed and reveal the mysterious veil. The style of the building looks like

a “L”building in modern media square,suzhou avenue, industrial park suzhou, jiangsu province.

The appearance of it drew attention from many passerby. From far away,they looks like “Shoes”. And many gave a nick name

“Big Shoes”.It also reminds us the former “Big Boot”located in Shanghai, which was built in the beginning of 2013.

Based on the report of the media, the “big shoes” was constructed by Suzhou GAX. It is also design by a world famous architecture

Gongchuanghao. After the construction, it will be the only high level building in suzhou industrial park.

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