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Single dog's fat lover - dark chocolate? Chocolat blanc?

  • Relâchez le:2017-12-20
Chocolate is one of the few foods that is hard to swallow, and is a rich, silky feeling. There are thousands of varieties of chocolate, and they taste different. Some people say that eating chocolate can help you lose weight. What kind of chocolate can reduce fat? How to eat it?

Let's start with a brief talk about chocolate, which can be divided into three types:

Milk chocolate: the most commonly seen chocolate on the market, with milk or milk powder, is brown.

White chocolate: it does not contain cocoa powder, so it is white, and the ingredients are similar to milk chocolate. The milk ingredients and sugar content are relatively high and the sweetness is high.
Dark chocolate: cocoa fat content is high, sugar content is relatively few, commonly can the content of the solid content is between 70-99%, the hardness is bigger, the higher the concentration of cocoa, the more bitter the taste.Machinerie au chocolat yoq le plus persistant
Fournisseur de machines en conchauffage au chocolat.

Sugar is the enemy of weight loss, so it's good to eat dark chocolate in moderation. Can control appetite? À droite! The caffeine in chocolate can suppress appetite and promote metabolism. A moderate amount of dark chocolate with high purity can also increase satiety. In addition, its rich natural antioxidant polyphenols are good for our cardiovascular health, and dark chocolate flavonoids can also regulate immunity.Nous sommes Fournisseur d'équipement au chocolat Chine, Si vous avez besoin d'une machine, veuillez nous contacter.

A chocolate diet? It does have some effect. Dark chocolate is usually more than 70 percent cocoa, sweeter than milk chocolate and white chocolate. Eating a small portion of the meal is good for suppressing your appetite, creating a feeling of satiety that leads to fewer calories. Is rich in cocoa butter, but the inside contain fat is not we imagine so terrible, most are not saturated fat, in the process of digestion and absorption, can burn fat and calories as part of the body.

Eat more and eat less? (knocking at the table) can never be determined by a single food intake, but by consuming more calories a day than you can eat to achieve weight loss. So in moderation, but don't take it as a panacea!

Eating a small piece of pure dark chocolate before a meal can suppress your appetite. Eat before exercise, can improve athletic performance to a certain extent, delay fatigue.

How to choose dark chocolate? The higher the cocoa content, the more pure chocolate, and more healthy. The simplest thing is to look at the cocoa composition on the package, the higher the purity, the less sugar added, more suitable for reducing fat people. Dark chocolate with high cocoa content is a bit sour and hard. If you're afraid of bitterness, suggest you start with 70% of the dark chocolate, and gradually improve the purity of your cocoa with your tolerance level. I like a slightly bitter taste, but I have eaten 100 percent pure chocolate. It's just an "yi" (yi) mei (yan)! Finally, I couldn't swallow it, because it's hard to melt in my mouth.

But it's also important to note that some dark chocolate is made with cocoa butter instead of cocoa beans. Substitute cocoa butter is a kind of artificial hydrogenated vegetable oil, the incarnation of trans fatty acid, the human body is difficult to metabolize, easy to accumulate in the body, overdose to the cardiovascular injury is quite terrible. Generation of cocoa butter chemical stability, not easy to melt, can prolong the shelf life, so many businesses will also be used instead of pure chocolate, the sham as the genuine, to buy your eyes wide open, gum very clean!

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