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The most meltingly marvelous of all chocolate creations.

  • Author:chocolate-machines.com
  • Source:chocolate-machines.com
  • Release on:2017-06-12

In 1932 Adolf Teuscher and Maria Kesslerza runs a small cafe in testal, in the autumn of 1946, he left the town relocated his family and career from a man named turbenthal to a busy city - Zurich in Switzerland. This has been his desire to spread his own story next in this city everywhere can smell business opportunities in the City, but the dream from the summer of 1947, Adolf Teuscher started slowly and gradually lost confidence, the worst in a century of heat shock for Switzerland, the chocolate industry, the hot weather is simply confectioner's nightmare, Adolf Teuscher will start only think about starting your own family.

One night, two champagne bucket Adolf eyes remained fixed on the glass frame above the front, after observing a period of time, he went to bed. That night, he dreamt of the cask, dreamed of making champagne truffles with them, the unique taste of his customers crazy. The second day early in the morning, he went into the kitchen to recall the dream of yesterday evening, began his experiments, it is a process of trial, Adolf and his clever wife Maria, some chocolate lovers to share his test process, until they are satisfied with the champagne truffles.
Adolf began to 2-3 pounds of small scale production, but the taste of his new product after the customer has shown great enthusiasm, Adolf soon began at once every 20-30 pounds of production, a new product - Champagne truffles, made his name to the city, the country and even the world known.

In the 20 years since the invention of champagne, truffles and truffles, the Teuscher family has been produced, and many international tourists and other candy makers have tried to copy or copy it. Soon after, the company began producing different and started in their own store sales of champagne truffles, but only the true origin from the Swiss Teuscher company in Zurich, the key is different from the other chocolate brand is Teuscher strict requirements for products, all products with the best in the world the most natural ingredients, do not add any chemical additives and preservatives. Now, we offer Teuscher champagne truffles to Europe, North America, Asia, and the middle east.

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