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The freshest local chocolate in Belgium-Leonidas

  • Author:chocolate-machines.com
  • Source:chocolate-machines.com
  • Release on:2017-06-13

If you don't taste the freshest local chocolate in Belgium, you will regret it! Tasting chocolate in Belgium offers both a favourable purchase price and a choice of exotic flavors. While you're in Brussels, Belgium, you can try a chocolate tour.

In Brussels store most chocolate brand to the number of Leonidas, but also popular with foreign tourists, but also can be seen everywhere in the local famous brand, founded in 1913, almost can be considered in Belgium in recognition of chocolate. Leonidas chocolate is the only "fresh chocolate", each LEONIDASPRA LINES from the product to your personal entrance, tasting is definitely not more than 4 weeks. The flavors are: fresh cream, home cream, cream liqueur, cocoa, whisky, champagne, coconuts, and so on. From children, parents to grandparents, no one likes the brand. So popular for a reason, because it is always the first cheap route, such as every 250 grams of 5.05 euro, is close to the key. And the constant introduction of new flavors, the preservation and innovation of classic old tastes, are the reasons for the brand's emergence as a Belgian evergreen tree.

Leonidas's fresh chocolate can be divided into 3 broad categories based on different chocolate bars. Praline, Ganache, Butter, cream. Praline sandwich is L's most famous product, it uses Turkey superior hazelnut, after baking, grinding and other processes, then mixed with chocolate, made of nutritious, delicious, unique flavor of chocolate. Ganache, in simple terms, is a rich, semi liquid chocolate, often paired with alcohol. Recommended products: Poesie--conintreau (Cointreau) taste, face modeling.

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