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You like chocolate. Do you know the history of chocolate?

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  • Release on:2017-08-14
Many people like to eat chocolate. In the food industry developed today, chocolate everywhere, it can be made into chocolate candy, but also can be added to the cake, point of mind, to increase the unique flavor, can also be turned into a sweet drink. Chocolate has entered the human diet for at least 700 years, and perhaps thousands of years ago, American Indians had been able to make cocoa drinks, but it wasn't always so good at first. It was so popular.
Chocolate, as we all know, derives from cacao trees, a tree that grows only in moist, warm tropical rain forests. Most botanists believe that wild cacao trees were growing in the dense forests of South America 4000 years ago. After picking up the fruit on this tree, local natives occasionally discovered that cocoa pods naturally dried out and showed a brown, unique aroma of cocoa beans.  YOQ CHOCOLATE MACHINERY the most popular China ball mill machine company.

So, they put the cocoa beans crushed, with vanilla, pepper and sap, and then against the water, stirring foaming, add corn flour, made into a brown with a bitter taste to drink. From thirteenth Century to sixteenth Century in Mexico, at the time of the Aztec people often drink this cocoa. 

It is said that in 1519, the famous Spanish explorer Cortes with his expedition to Mexico aztec. In the king's palace, he had called the "Xocoatyl" bitter drink, feeling refreshed all day, no weariness. In the Indian language, "Xoco" is a bubble, and "Atyl" is water. The English name "Chocolate" of chocolate is evolved from this. YOQ CHOCOLATE MACHINERY provide chocolate enrobing machine on sale.

Cortes brought the magic drink back to Spain and presented it to the king. However, Cortes improved the taste of the beverage, with honey and sugar instead of pepper. Thus, the taste of the chocolate beverage was no longer bitter, but it became the sweet taste of the people and retained its original flavor. It soon became popular among the Spanish aristocracy. 

The recipe for chocolate drinks was kept secret by Spain for almost a hundred years, and finally spread to Italy, Britain and france. By seventeenth Century, chocolate drinks were popular all over europe.

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