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GODIVA, the world's finest chocolatie

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  • Release on:2017-06-14

The world's most exquisite handmade chocolate makers Godiva chocolate company (Godiva Chocolatier Inc.) originated in Belgium and Brussels, by the chocolate master JosephDrap hand and run to the legendary lady Godiva distinguished name, has been more than 88 years of history. Since 1968, Godiva became the Royal Belgian chocolate brand, known as the most expensive chocolate, chocolate Rolls-Royce. In addition to the Belgian Royal family, many of the world's celebrities such as former US President Clinton (BillClinton), actress Elizabeth Taylor (ElisabethTailer) are Godiva loyal Fan. Since ancient times, Belgium has been preserved in the pursuit of the perfect tradition, by the famous painter Lubensi be handed down from age to age, painting and Gothic architecture, and handmade fine lace, brightly painted crystal and call people to try the delicious food, all in need need.

To inherit this tradition, the Draps family brought Godiva chocolates into Belgium in 1926. Later, Mr. Joseph Draps opened the first chocolate shop on a cobblestone paved street in Grande Place, using the name "Godiva" as a family chocolate. Joseph Mr. Draps to brew Rich Chocolate recipe for chocolate are improved, to create a creamy texture of the one and only. With extraordinary powers of observation, which, Mr. Draps Godiva Joseph Innovation Series exquisite European style shell design and packaging specifications create new styles set.
Over the years, Godiva has been meticulous in its compliance with traditional specifications and the implementation of the Joseph Draps recipe. Adhering to the tradition and spirit of Mr. Joseph Draps, Godiva chocolate has become the good in the gourmet world. Godiva in the pursuit of quality is also strict in demands exquisite packaging, European style, gold and hand decorated gift at first sight, the design for the Godiva have great originality to win all the world.

Since its entry into the US market in 1966, Godiva has been a leader in quality confectionery. Godiva operates more than 200 specialty stores in major cities in the United States, and has more than 1000 retail outlets in a number of senior department stores and specialty stores. From New York to Paris, from Paris to Tokyo, Godiva brings Belgium's finest chocolates to the rest of the world.We are Automatic Chocolate Making Machine Manufacturers, supply: chocolate enrobing machine on sale, cooling tunnels for chocolate enrobing.

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