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There are so many kinds of chocolates in the world 3

  • Author:chocolate-machines.com
  • Source:chocolate-machines.com
  • Release on:2017-07-05
9. Flower Chocolate 
This kind of chocolate is rare, but there are also, which contain petals, usually roses or cherry blossoms, and chocolate used to wrap the petals, usually white chocolate. YOQ CHOCOLATE MACHINERY the most popular automatic chocolate coating machine.
10. Fruit Chocolate 
In addition to seasoned fruit chocolate, there is also the practice of directly putting succade into chocolate. As for the fruit used, the flavors mentioned in the flavored chocolate are likely to appear.
However, it should be noted that grapes in this practice cannot be called grape because they are raisins.
11. Liquor Chocolate
In addition to the flowers and fruits mentioned above, there is also a chocolate sandwich made from wine, and usually spirits, or at least a base made of spirits. For some chocolate lovers, this kind of chocolate is a divine existence. In addition, the chocolate in a special variety, that is in the chocolate into a whole to nuclear big cherry, in which its collocation wine is usually maraschino, but can also be other wine.
12. Chocolate Truffle 
Many people have a misunderstanding about truffles. There is no truffle in it. It's called the name because it looks like truffles. YOQ CHOCOLATE MACHINERY provide automatic chocolate equipment.

Truffle chocolate is a mass, and its chocolate substrate is made by a unique method of making, and has a much lower melting point than ordinary chocolate, only 23 degrees, the entrance is instant. In the above will be covered with chocolate, chocolate powder, well after the finished product looks like a truffle truffle. This is a foundation with chocolate powder, in addition there are many derived styles, such as with nuts, or what the green tea powder.
13. Crafted Chocolate 
The handmade chocolate here is not necessarily hand-made, but it can also be produced by machines. Crafted means "sophisticated and complex", so the name refers to all the delicate fancy chocolate (as distinguished from the common plate of chocolate truffles) is one of them, cover those exquisite chocolate balls.
14. Chocolate Cream
Chocolate is one big thing to eat. It's chocolate sauce. Besides the original chocolate sauce, nut chocolate sauce is also very common. For more message, please click chocolate enrobing machine on sale.

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