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Do Diet chocolate really lose weight?

  • Author:chocolate-machines.com
  • Source:chocolate-machines.com
  • Release on:2017-06-07

Diet chocolate is a Spanish company using biotechnology to produce a special chocolate, with weight loss effect. But whether this diet chocolate is really effective has caused some consumers to question it. Specific circumstances, but also some professional knowledge to know. This chocolate has a mellow taste and is popular with many people. But it is also a high fat, high calorie foods, because people worry about fat to gobble down.

The Spanish capital of Madrid International Exhibition of chocolate, a local chocolate maker launched a special have effect reducing weight of chocolate, chocolate and can meet many people need to worry about fat. This layer of pale green material contains nutritional supplements derived from algae in the rich, which is rich in vitamin A and vitamin B12 and other nutrients; in addition, chocolate contains rich amino acids can promote the body to produce a special kind of hormone, it can suppress appetite, and bring a sense of fullness.

A new type of chocolate debuted at the international chocolate fair in Madrid, spain. This chocolate is called "Lola", although it has powerful slimming effect, but the taste of chocolate and chocolate in the identical, just wrapped a layer of pale green. Lose weight material. The production of "Lola" chocolate Spanish manufacturing "cocoa biological" said, it contains a special chemical composition, can "cheat" the brain to produce satiety, prevent people from overeating.
The British "Daily Mail" quoted 17 "Lola" is one of the inventors of Armando yanez, saying: "it is good to eat one or two pieces of chocolate in one hour before meals to lose weight...... They will feel full, not overeating." "Lola" taste like ordinary chocolate, the only difference is that it looks like a green. Yanez said that chocolate is green because it contains spirulina, spirulina rich nutrients, including vitamin A and vitamin B12 also help to lose weight.

For many people who are losing weight, chocolate is a representative of high calorie foods and is definitely a taboo diet for dieters. And this view has been affecting many people. In fact, this is a wrong idea, chocolate is not only not fattening, but also for your weight loss and profits. Supply: automatic chocolate enrobing machine, automatic chocolate equipment, cooling tunnels for chocolate enrobing.

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