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good news! automatic chocolate enrobing machine Help you enrobe your chocolate better!

  • Author:chocolate-machines.com
  • Source:chocolate-machines.com
  • Release on:2017-05-15
Truffle chocolate is a famous snack, is a kind of imitation truffle appearance of handmade chocolate. Wrapped in a piece of chocolate cocoa powder, looks and just unearthed truffles in general, hence the name. Looks like a truffle, not so proud, at most it is also very ugly it fills, it is simple appearance of the taste, is really exciting reason.

Just bite up when you taste only pure cocoa powder bitter. But then you will bite the brittle chocolate hard shell. Under this layer of hard shell, is mixed with light cream and light taste of the fragrant chocolate soft heart. A layer of progressive taste in the mouth filled with the time, in addition to close your eyes to enjoy, any other description is redundant.

To make the top delicious truffle chocolate, there are many complex requirements, such as must use YOQ CHOCOLATE MACHINERY company produced automatic chocolate enrobing machine to enrobe, the chocolate panning machine is used to polish chocolate in various shapes such as round, oblate, oval, Melted seeds and columnar shape. Specially, the columnar chocolate after packed by colorized aluminized foil can be also polished in this machine, after polishing, the foil will be wrapped and smooth on the products and the shape of the package will be distinct.

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