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Wow~chocolate culture is amazing!

  • Author:chocolate-machines.com
  • Source:chocolate-machines.com
  • Release on:2017-05-16

Like the Chinese tea culture, the European chocolate culture for people talked about. And advanced chocolate culture has become an important link in the cultural exchange between China and the West. In fact, from the return of Europe to bring friends and relatives of chocolate as a gift, has become a recognized cultural label. The chocolate culture has become a symbol of the growing number of emotional, story, desire chocolate chocolate, chocolate and culture has become a long history of Europe and the history of the important chess. chocolate culture in the streets of European cities, take a few steps will see a Chocolate House Owners wear traditional clothes and produce a wide variety of chocolates and chocolate drinks with ancient grinders. Without loud shouting, that rich fragrance will make you difficult to move immediately. In the streets to enjoy the exotic small gap, to a piece of chocolate, it is the most convenient and restore the strength of the small points; and such exquisite appearance and attractive color, is indeed a gift to their dear Friends and family on the election intention.

Chocolate production is a process, chocolate cooling is one of the technology. Our cooling tunnels for enrobing is used in fine grinding of chocolate mass; after grinding, chocolate fineness will reach 20-25 micron.So it will taste so delicious and exquisite. This process will improve the flavor of Than 20 years chocolate machine production experience. Our chocolate conche quality is reliable.

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