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Don't feed chocolate to babies under 3 years old! Eight reasons tell you the harm

  • Author:chocolate-machines.com
  • Source:chocolate-machines.com
  • Release on:2017-11-01
At the entrance of the moment, the piece of solid in the mouth slowly melting, the fragrance overflowing mouth, as long as the tongue kept rolling with it, it always exudes a sweet taste......

This delicious snacks, if let the baby eat, not appetite? So, before feeding the baby to eat chocolate, you must first off and they talk about "Baba Mama under 3 years old baby to eat chocolate eight hazard", talk about you then decide whether to give the baby to eat chocolate.

As everyone knows, chocolate high calorie, high sugar, high fat content, protein content is very low.
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However, under the age of 3, the baby's body is in an important stage of development, the nutritional needs are in short supply, this kind of food structure can not well provide good nutritional needs for the baby.

If the baby's love and dependence on chocolate, it will cause unexpected damage to the baby's growth and development. So, under the age of 3 is not recommended to eat chocolate, you can eat a small amount after the age of 3. YOQ CHOCOLATE MACHINERY provide electric chocolate mixing machine.

What are the eight major hazards?
Harm one affects digestive function of intestines and stomach
Because chocolate fat content is high, easy to produce satiety, stay in the stomach for a long time, will affect the baby's normal diet. In addition, chocolate does not promote gastrointestinal peristalsis of cellulose, a large number of long-term consumption, easy to cause gastrointestinal digestion and absorption function disorder of the baby.

Harm two cause anorexia
Baby eating chocolate before meals, will reduce hunger, affect the baby's normal diet, causing picky eaters, leftovers, and even bad habits of anorexia. Often eat before eating chocolate or other snacks of the baby, appeared to the point of rice can not eat, after a meal point on the hungry situation, but always eat snacks full belly. Long in the past not only disrupt the normal eating pattern, will affect the physical development.

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