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Don't feed chocolate to babies under 3 years old! Eight reasons tell you the harm 2

  • Author:chocolate-machines.com
  • Source:chocolate-machines.com
  • Release on:2017-11-02
Hazard three affects the nervous system
A brand chocolate ingredient list
White granulated sugar, skim milk powder, cocoa butter, cocoa butter, milk fat, refined edible vegetable oil, lactose, emulsifier (soybean lecithin), edible spices, etc..

Chocolate contains exciting material, children under the age of 3 after eating, prone restless crying, neonatal caffeine metabolism for more than 30 hours of time, long time will affect the central nervous system.

Hazard four forming stones
Chocolate contains high oxalic acid, if chocolate and milk, formula milk, dried small shrimps, sesame and other high calcium foods to eat together, easily combined into calcium oxalate, the formation of urinary stones, the effects of calcium absorption and bone growth and interfere with the baby. The parents have to pay attention to, not to mention the baby.

Harm five leads to dental caries
Chocolate is not only sweet, but also particularly sticky teeth, long-term eating, eating before going to bed, eating, do not pay attention to clean teeth, hiding in the teeth of the residue, it is easy to improve the probability of baby suffering from dental caries. YOQ CHOCOLATE MACHINERY the most poupular high quality chocolate mixer.
Harm six reduce taste
Chocolate is rich in flavor, if the baby prefers to eat chocolate, will reduce the sensitivity of taste, leading to other normal taste of food is not interested, insipid.

Harm seven leads to obesity
Too much chocolate consumption of the baby, one time can not thank the heat, fat and sugar, easy to make redundant sugar into fat, leading to obesity in children. YOQ CHOCOLATE MACHINERY provide commercial hot chocolate mixer machine.

Harm eight lead to anger, constipation
Autumn and winter climate is dry, while chocolate is hot food, some children eat chocolate during this period prone to fire, nosebleeds. And chocolate contains tannic acid substances can make the protein coagulation, formation of not easy to digest substances, leading to constipation in children.

Lactating mother should also control the chocolate, coffee, cola, tea intake, so as to avoid the baby through the milk intake of caffeine, causing crying, not easy to appease. In addition, the chocolate variety, parents are not easy to identify the dragons and fishes jumbled together. If you buy inferior chocolate, merchants in order to make good taste, increase excessive additives, easy to add burden to the baby's detoxification function.

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