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Dark chocolate diet? White chocolate nutrition? 5 truths about chocolate 3

  • Author:chocolate-machines.com
  • Source:chocolate-machines.com
  • Release on:2017-10-12
04 XX chocolate doesn't grow fat...... ?
The most audible is the dark chocolate. A very cruel fact is that any food will eat more fat, and sweet, not sweet, and more oil and less related. The total amount of chocolate, sugar, and oil we eat is about 80%, and eating a 100 grams of chocolate is fast catching up with 1 / 3 calories per day.

However, eating or eating, in general, 20~30 grams per day, eat less other snacks, is no problem. As for eating not stop, just want to say: take care hall! YOQ CHOCOLATE MACHINERY provide automatic chocolate decorating machine.
05 collect / buy a lot of chocolates. How do you keep them?
Be sure to seal the package
Chocolate smells good, and if you don't want a chocolate flavored tofu flavor, you'd better seal it up and seal it up.  YOQ CHOCOLATE MACHINERY the most poupular chocolate cooling tunnel company.

Proper temperature and humidity
Chocolate is easy to fat deposition (frost occurs), if you do not want to get a piece of chocolate color value is very low, the good chocolate stored at 15 to 17 DEG C, not refrigerated, not frozen, stored in a cool dry place.

Avoid light! Remember to avoid the light!
Light affects not only temperature but also fat oxidation, and no packaging material can completely separate air from light. If you want good quality, stay away from the sun.

Special varieties, special preservation
For raw chocolate and other special varieties, honestly according to the requirements of the store to preserve it.

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