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Eating chocolate can quickly stimulate your brain

  • Author:chocolate-machines.com
  • Source:chocolate-machines.com
  • Release on:2017-07-07
Another reason to eat chocolate. A study by University of Aquila in Italy showed that eating chocolate promotes cognitive function and takes time to eat before eating. YOQ CHOCOLATE MACHINERY the most popular automatic chocolate coating pan machine.
Previous studies have shown that flavanols, which are the major component of chocolate, are associated with cognitive function, and flavanols can help improve cognitive levels.

University of Aquila research team hopes to further study the correlation of brain function and flavanols, explore what cognitive function will be affected? Whether the effect of immediate review of related research? Many, the research team found that only a few studies focus on short-term effect of flavanols. 2 hours after volunteers ingested 773 mg of flavanols, short-term memory improved, a study showed. Another study showed that ingestion of flavanols helped repair cognitive deficits caused by overnight sleep deprivation. YOQ CHOCOLATE MACHINERY provide cooling tunnels for chocolate enrobing.
Most studies focused on the long-term effects of ingestion of flavanols, and the subjects were mostly older adults. The University of Aquila team found that regular intake of flavanols helped improve cognitive function, increased concentration, speed of information processing, language fluency, and working memory. Medical news today website quoted the words of Valentina Soch who led the research reported that these effects in older people reflects the most obvious, perhaps due to the cardiovascular benefits of flavanols, will help increase the hippocampus dentate gyrus of blood flow, and this structure is particularly susceptible to the effects of aging.

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However, the researchers also cautioned that eating chocolate should not be excessive, after all, chocolate calories higher. As far as brain tonic is concerned, eating a little chocolate is enough. For more information, please click Automatic Chocolate Making Machine Manufacturers.

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