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Small Chocolate Tempering Machine-- YOQ

  • Author:Tony
  • Release on:2015-12-29

                                Small Chocolate Tempering Machine-- YOQ

   Chocolate tempering machine is essential for producing pure chocolate. We not only can manufacture big capacity chocolate tempering machine, but also can manufacture small capacity chocolate tempering machine. Our small chocolate tempering machine has 25kg/batch and 35kg/batch. Normally, it will cost hald hour to temper the chocolate. Besides function of chocolate tempering, it has function of chocolate depositing and enrobing too. You just need to connect the enrober and belt with our tempering machine, then you can coat biscuit and wafer with it. If you connect our depositor with it, you can produce handmade chocolate, such as chocolate with filling, chocolate filled with peanuts, etc. So it’s suitable for small chocolate business very much. Moreover, we can provide customized cooling tunnel.

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