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Merry Chritsmas -- Chocolate

  • Author:Tony
  • Release on:2015-12-28
                                                   Merry Chritsmas -- Chocolate

   Christmas is a world wide famous festival now. And various gifts will be given to our beloved ones. Then what gift is most popular? The answer is sweets! So chocolate is the good choice too. In Europe, people always like pure or organic chocolate bar. Though it’s bitter, it’s really good for health.

   Our chocolate tempering machine is applied to temper the pure chocolate mass. This is very important progress to procuce pure chocolate. The chocolate mass goes through four temperature zone, then chocolate will be more delicious and have longer shelf time. Our continuous chocolate tempering machine’s quality is almost same as Sollich. We use imported famous motor and electrical devices on our tempering machine. We have 250kg/hour and 500kg/hour chocolate tempering machine and it consists by chocolate tempering machine, cooling water system and crystallization wiping device.

   Welcome to visit our factory to find out its quality! Moreover, we can provide 30kg/batch small chocolate tempering machine now. It’s suitable for small chocolate business. With this machine, you produce delicious pure chocolate.

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