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The first "brain-controlled car" successfully test-run drive head does not touch

Owen Lee 2015-07-17 11:18:05

Authorities wide nets of Tianjin, July 16 (Xinhua Chen Qingbin) according to voice of the central canton news reports, not behind the wheel without foot on the brake, throttle, as long as the brain to think, you can drive a car. Recently, Nankai University research team first EEG connected to your car system, the first fully controlled by the brain-driven "brain-controlled car" successfully test run.

15th, at a playground in Nankai University, from Nankai University, school of computer and control developed the first "brain-controlled car" ongoing experiments. Reporters saw in the car, a female students wearing EEG acquisition equipment, computers, data line connected to the car, in the co-pilot position steering wheel direction, a staff member, in their joint efforts, which no human foot motor, throttle, just a brain to control the test car was successfully forward and backward command.

Project leader, Duan feng, an associate professor of computer and control engineering College, Nankai University: operation through sensors to monitor brain electrical signal, recognition in the computer, obtain the appropriate control signals, control signals by the ways of communication, sent to the car as a whole hub, ECU, overall control of the body.

Through this principle, this mind control car can achieve start, start, forward, backward and other instructions on Windows, doors, lights, opening can also be controlled. Duan feng, an associate professor of computer and control engineering College, Nankai University said that he had already successfully tested the brain compared to the control keyboard, brain-controlled devices, brain-controlled car significant characteristics is needed in the case of car running fast respond, in order to accomplish this, they had a more accurate analysis on the brain.

Duan Feng: mind control must fast response of the car, walked up, finished 1 seconds to respond, we are from the mechanism of the brain after parsing, reposition the monitor, international standard mind mapping has been unable to cover our needs.

"Brain-controlled car" hands and subversion of the traditional way of driving, but still takes time away from actually used in production. However, according to Duan Feng introduction, "brain-controlled car" has broad application prospects for the future.

Duan Feng: a more direct application is mind control the car up, if we can control the car does not go up. When drinking alcohol, drunk, tired, or not feeling well, can pass through the sensor detects this situation, automatic car park to ensure safety.