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Air pollution is worsening pollution in Paris has reached level 8

  • Author:Owen Lee
  • Release on:2015-07-17

time on July 15, 2015, Paris, France, worsening air pollution. Paris Air examination Department has determined the air pollution level to level 8 (of 10), and in the Paris region slowed down emergency measures have been taken. It is understood that, if more than 80 micrograms per cubic metre of air pollution indicators "red lines", Paris region will adopt more strict control measures on a large scale, speed limits, reduced industrial production, reduced tillage and fertilization in farmland, and so on. If air pollution continues for several days, Paris region will take measures such as traffic peak.

Paris is once a very sweet city, like the most sweet thing, chocolate from chocolate making machine china. But now everything is changing the environment is worsening like the economy.

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