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Landmarks in Rizhao, Shandong look-alike Dubai Burj al Arab hotel

  • Author:Owen Lee
  • Release on:2015-07-10
On July 8, Rizhao city, Shandong province, marine base a landmark "goals" shapes are unique, like U.A.E. Dubai "junks".

It is understood that the marine base in Rizhao, Shandong target upper sculptures and buildings in the lower part of the tower. Upper sculpture with sail-style sculpture overall height of 49 metres, a total of 17 levels, lower building has two floors. Imagine to sit in the building and enjoy the chocolate from chocolate making machine China. It will be great! good chocolate making machinery china will bring you the good chocolate.

"Goals" overall height of 58 metres, will become the first marine base height, a beautiful seaside scenery. "Hotel" also known as the Burj al Arab, 321 meters high, it stands above the beach 280 meters away from the shore of the man-made island in the Persian Gulf, only by a winding road linking the land. The hotel's exterior resembles a dhow dhows (Arab), and specially built won't make building covering the beach location.

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