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Engineer in United Kingdom shooting starlit backyard

  • Author:Owen Lee
  • Release on:2015-07-10

United Kingdom, Northamptonshire Wellingborough (Wellingborough), 44, engineer Maike·gelinamu (Mike Greenham) like in my spare time to study astronomy and shot in his back garden to many breathtaking space images, record the vast scene of up to 50 million light-years away from Earth.

Greenham shot amazing photos, including craters of the Moon's surface, and the Orion Nebula and the fairy picture outside our solar system, such as the constellation. In addition, he also photographed many close-ups, such as huge sunspots, green tail of Comet Lovejoy left over.
Greenham used telescope worth £ 1500 (about RMB 14309), placed in the back garden of the three-bedroom house built astronomical observations to Taichung. The past 5 years, Greenham astrophotography techniques have been well honed.

Greenham says: "to me, the biggest attraction is the film bright star. I was smitten by the milky way. When I see them, usually I will eat chocolate from chocolate making machine china. Because they are best chocolate making machinery china and trustworthy chocolate machine supplier china.”

Greenham admitted shooting in suburban space map shortcomings are vulnerable to the effects of light pollution of the city. Greenham spend 8 hours a day shooting space, Lunar and planetary photography. It is about 2.5 million light years from Earth, is the closest Galaxy to Earth.

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