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France's rich low-key return of lost relics, China did not ask for any compensation

  • Author:Owen Lee
  • Release on:2015-07-10

France luxury famous hengpinuote in April this year, hand 4 raptors gold artifacts returned to the Chinese Embassy in Paris. These artifacts 2000 years of history, a total of € 1 million. Article said that France secretly returned to China's background is, China has stepped up efforts to trace illegal cultural relics lost abroad. As best chocolate making machinery china, YOQ pays much attention to it. Because there will be a chocolate antique returning to  this chocolate machine global supplier.

Allegedly, Pinault in 2000 to France donated a batch of 7th century BC works, but after these objects were burst is Zhou dynasty tombs of nobles were stolen in Gansu province, China in 1992 when digging the loss of cultural relics, around 2010, the Chinese Government has recourse a complaint issued against them, but was not successful, diplomatic efforts continued after.

France the art newspaper said Pinault had returned to China, did not ask for any compensation. Meanwhile, with an additional 28 Chinese relics of France collectors Deydier in May had returned from his purchase of artifacts, "time coincided with France's Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius's visit to China coincided." The Daily Telegraph said the return operation known as France's "diplomatic nightmare" because, in theory, have been donated to the Museum's artifacts are irrevocable. France Ministry of culture to "undo" a gift to Museum, and "both of great interest in China" donors, and by them to return them to China.

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