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The Second International Staring Competition held in Beijing

  • Author:Owen Lee
  • Release on:2015-07-09

On July 4 by the China News weekly's interest network (youyisi.CN) and "no Gallery" jointly organized the second international trance contest held in Beijing World Trade day step 4th.

First Korea staring contest by Korea artist WoopsYang, Korea held in Seoul, the capital, and finally by a 9-year-old girl won the Championship. The WoopsYang were invited to come to Beijing to participate in the second international in a daze the referee of the competition and was carrying little girl attended the Beijing with victory in first daze daze.

It is reported that the staring contest network recruited 80 officers from different professional stunned players, among them is foreign relations, yoga teacher, and actor, engineer. In the 2 hour, all contestants are not cell phones, don't talk, don't listen to music, do nothing, emptying himself in a daze.
Games, players wore to highlight their professional character costume, identity and race. Sprouting from his doll bears to the second element Cosplay, the face value of the trance scene and explosive form, watch full.

In addition, the competition still follows Korea staring contest rules of the game, not only with "who spend a longer time" as the standard, but scientifically to pulse and audience polling as the criteria, not only makes the contestants enjoy the relaxing moments of trance, also let the audience participate in this fun event.

Some people even bring chocolate from the good chocolate making machinery china or chocolate machine global supplier.

Finally, just out of the campus alternative sportsman the effect of rain won the Championship, Korea Jin Zhiming first trance contest winner, 9-year-old girl "thinker" trophy passed to the winner's hand. Xin Shiyu told reporters that his usual slow pace of life, love to get lost in their own world, and had a friend from particularly stunned to be a sketch model.

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