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HongKong Photographer Challenge the Length of City

  • Author:Owen Lee
  • Release on:2015-07-09

Daniel and his team of young people from Hong Kong to extremity (limit) and aesthetics (aesthetics) integration, the creation of style Exthetics, they play with photography, in pushing the envelope.

Cities: Hong Kong challenge: 2014; coordinates: in the Center. Daniel and his team are Exthetics active in Hong Kong starting in April 2014, only 4 months all over the roof in Hong Kong, followed by six months visiting 6 countries, 8 cities. This fall, the Exthetics team plans to set up her own film festivals on the Mainland for the first time in Beijing.

Hong Kong is a look at the missing days, airless city. But stood hundreds of meters high to the roof suddenly relaxed and happy. Along the Victoria Harbour under the picture of the night.
100 of the world's highest Tower, more than half of them in Hong Kong, here is the floor of heaven.

Stonecutters Bridge in Hong Kong the highest bridge, spans the second longest cable-stayed bridge in the world. Now is the Kwai Tsing container terminals.
The masterpiece, Hong Kong second residence, located on the K11.
Before climbing the city, the photographer will eat chocolate from good chocolate making machinery China.

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