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Young Man Graduated Overseas Started Research and Development of 3D Print Chocolate 2

  • Author:Owen Lee
  • Release on:2015-06-26

"Euler's Rose" team was able to profit from making 3D printing machines, but in the end chose to utilize 3D print custom exclusive chocolate. The decision stems from a true story. At that time, the 3D printing attempts to chocolate in the laboratory. A girl through friends found a team, wanted to make a piece of chocolate for lovers. Just finished the next day, the boyfriend broke. Girl is sad, but still decided to send chocolate as a last remembrance. Unexpectedly, when the boy sees chocolate, think of the journey which they had the most fun in the most memorable scene. May think of more memory, immediately went to find a girl to save this relationship.

Such stories are more and more, are the couple's Memorial, long distance lovers greeting, sent the new baby greetings ... ... Using innovative technology to express the eternal emotion, this prompted the team registration "Euler's Roses" brand, officially launched the custom chocolate-3D printing services.

Zeng Guanwei told reporters that they planned to set up a research and development base in Tianjin and offline outlets, "maybe soon we can enjoy 3D printed candy and cake.

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