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Young Man Graduated Overseas Started Research and Development of 3D Print Chocolate 1

  • Author:Owenlee
  • Release on:2015-06-26

A graduate of the University of Cambridge, young people are returning to print combining food technology and customized private open sweet cause. Lovers can choose photos of private customized into a exclusive chocolate gift, leaving tooth sweet mind unforgettable memories.

This team is called "Euler's Rose". More than its public micro-signals currently has more than 2000 fans, on the premise of not widely publicized, Valentine received online orders more than more than 200 this year, ranging from consumers in big cities such as Beijing, Tianjin and also users with third-tier cities in China, Zeng Guanwei confidence it made the team leader.

Pure fat white chocolate background, outline the pattern again by dark chocolate, "Euler's Rose" lovers want to express any element can be achieved: sweet smile, soulful gaze, a special Memorial moments, most memorable place ... ...

"As traditional chocolate production is dependent on molds, chocolate cannot be customized. Our 3D printers to chocolate grout paint, then condensation forming, custom chocolates, there are similar products on the market today. "Zeng Guanwei introduction.

More surprising is, Zeng Guanwei, entrepreneurs, both University of Cambridge graduate, resignation of entrepreneurship for engineering students. After returning home, their electronic and computer expertise with solid, team fundraising, took two years to independently developed 3D printers that can print chocolate.

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