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Chocolate Master East Chocolate Dream--Ji ShunYing Chocolate Part 1

  • Author:Jo
  • Source:Jo
  • Release on:2015-06-26

For people who love chocolate, domestic chocolate seems always seemed not so satisfied and feel less sophisticated compared with France, Belgium and other countries brands. However, last month the 2014 Chinese Cultural Festival and the Candy Eleventh China International Sweets Fair Beijing National Convention Center was held,  a chocolate from Suzhou has amazed not only specialists from China Food Industry Association Professional Committee of candy , but also Europeans in the exhibition, they just thumbs-up and shouted "good".

The chocolate is made by China's first generation of developers chocolate experts- Ji Shun Ying, the Europeans call "Chinese Chocolate Grandma". Back in the 1980s, she has became famous in Europe. Reporters learned yesterday, the famous "Chocolate Grandma" is now in the better chocolate machine factory in the lake town of Wuzhong. As China Chocolate newly established R & D center(Suzhou) Master , Ji grandmother has a wish: make the most oriental chocolate that westerners speak highly of in Suzhou.

"Foreigners look down on Chinese chocolate, chocolate and some even say we are rubbish, can not be eaten." When it comes to this topic, Ji Shun Ying always gets very angry, she told reporters that her reason for keeping on research at the age of  79 years in the first line, is that I hope China chocolate will soon be heard good and succeed in the world.

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