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Chocolate Master Spicy Chocolate --Ji ShunYing Chocolate Part2

  • Author:Jo
  • Source:Jo
  • Release on:2015-06-26

In the October 2014 the exhibition Ji ShunYing brought along spicy chocolate:" In fact, Chinese people's taste has great differences with Europe and America,Chinese people have lower acceptance of the chocolate sweetness than foreigners, this spicy Chocolate is especially for Chinese people "Ji Shun Ying told reporters. In Europe, America and Thailand, they have made research to spicy chocolate, but the kind of spicy chocolate flavor is completely fused together, but this kind of spicy chocolate on the exhibition: Initially only chocolate flavor but when it comes to the throat, fresh chili will be distributed which makes very layering tastes "when foreigner evaluation a chocolate is good or bad, one of the important sign is the good tastes layering." 

In addition to spicy chocolate, JI Shun Ying also developed a lot of "very oriental" chocolate products such as chocolate moon cake with Chinese candy consumption chocolate sauce, she also offers private customized 3D printed chocolate family portrait. All of her chocolate products are made of high quality cocoa butter and import milk,which full of rich oriental element.

Her chocolate price can be the same as other international famous chocolate. Take the chocolate family portrait as an example, its price is about to reach 800 RMB. Homemade chocolate selling at so expensive price, will she be afraid the sell situation? Ji Shun Ying shook her head, and says that only by developing good and famous brand and cultivate a group of high quality and loyal chocolate consumer groups with good tasting, can Chinese chocolate companies gradually move toward the world.

Master Ji has been in our factory for years, she comes to the most trustworthy chocolate machine factory because she can control every step that producing her chocolate and research the new chocolate in a better situation, we provide all kinds of chocolate machines for chocolate productions, she also advise our machines to be better suitable for chocolate characters.

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