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Chocolate Master's selling story--Start of chocolate career

  • Author:Jo
  • Source:Jo
  • Release on:2015-06-25

Journalist: What kind of story are you mostly impressed about chocolate?

Ji ShunYing: Our first chocolate product from lab is chocolate pastry used for cookies, bread, cake coating and filling. No one in China was doing this product. This chocolate product has brought us huge profit, there was a interesting story.
Our salesman took the chocolate pastry to Shanghai first food company, one week passed with no response. I felt strange so I asked the seller whether they asked for more of this products, No, he said. I thought it is impossible, so I went to the company myself. There are my products on the shell and customers asked, but the seller respond she did not know either or she even did not reply.
So I told the sellers to have some rest, and I will replace their work for a while, when somebody asked, I told them about the merits of the pastry for old people and the merits for kids, how to eat this, ice cream called sundae when putting chocolate pastry. More and more people circles around and that afternoon boxes of chocolate pastry were sold, when it was about end of the day, a journalist of Shanghai TV came to me asked whether they could take a video of how to make this pastry, I was so happy and said yes immediately.
I told our leader about it Monday, and after this video was spread, it turned very hot and famous, even the merchant from XinJiang province asked for our chocolate pastry, we loss profit in our cocoa powder but gained in chocolate pastry.
This behavior brought not only 50 thousand, but 150 thousand, million and it went out of China to the whole world. After chocolate pastry, we started to make chocolate, deeper processing of chocolate making.

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