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So sweet! All kinds of chocolate represent the love story

  • Author:chocolate-machines.com
  • Source:chocolate-machines.com
  • Release on:2017-06-05
Mint chocolate means that you think your lover understands life and is uninhibited, but you always feel that you will be unfaithful and lack a sense of security. On behalf of the chocolate lover is the master of love, like wine, completely captured you, but make you less of a self-esteem, consideration should be given to escape. Know you love challenges and stimulation, the courage to try, but a bit cold, making Valentine's restless, hope that we can clear the feelings as soon as possible. Dark chocolate on behalf of lover you can be subjective to rely on industriousness and stamina, mate, and Valentine's strong personality, independent minded, you will cherish this love. Think you are mysterious, unfathomable, fantasy your past with a lot of debt, and I hope I can do to save you.

Milk chocolate on behalf of you feel very pure lover, very clever, but feel like the milk is not like, and a lack of satisfaction to conquer. This situation is short of a reactionary tension, there is always a crisis to get rid of. Nut chocolate represent you with his lover although there is no passion, but more of a steady feeling, but think lover too white chocolate represents you think too observant of conventional standards. lover is not assertive, strengths and weaknesses, what benefit is always echoed, but worried about the two people such as a person's life, less with the growth of experience. Represent a lover to you: love you refined, otherworldly, but very afraid of your overnice.

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