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The 13th Obidos International Chocolate Festival!

  • Author:chocolate-machines.com
  • Source:chocolate-machines.com
  • Release on:2017-06-01
The 13th Obidos International Chocolate Festival on May 3 in the middle of the historic city of Portugal Obidus curtains, all kinds of lifelike, color and taste of the chocolate sculpture, attracted visitors amazed.

According to the staff of the chocolate section, the organizers invested a total of nearly 30 million euros (1 euro of about 6.94 yuan), the vast majority of which used to buy raw materials for the production of chocolate sculpture. In the 12-day festival, received a total of about 90,000 domestic and foreign tourists, tourists not only taste the colored chocolate food, but also enjoy the usual rare chocolate sculpture of the different style.

Love "is the theme of this year's chocolate festival, on both sides of the street leading to the town, surrounded by a huge heart-shaped ornaments hanging in the ancient city walls of the town, but Nunes stressed that" love "is not just men and women love, but His work is to choose the sculpture to create a prototype around the theme, these prototypes or a well-known sculpture, or a painting, or a story or legend, and then assigned to them in the team Group to complete, and in the creative process to provide technical guidance and amendments.If you need automatic chocolate enrobing machine, chocolate enrobing machine on salechocolate enrober for sale please contact us.

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