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Will you be "drunk"?

  • Author:chocolate-machines.com
  • Source:chocolate-machines.com
  • Release on:2017-05-27
This is a problem that plagued my whole childhood, this bite a mouthful of chocolate in the mouth there is a burst of burst into the shock of the loss of feeling, and followed by a blend of chocolate and wine after the rich rich taste, it is simply unforgettable The Many people love this kind of chocolate and a little bit of alcohol, such as cognac, rum or sherry.

Wine Chocolate, as the name suggests, is the wine to do the candy. According to the information shows that the current market of liquor chocolate, each containing about 4 ml of white wine, in general, if you eat 1-2 hearts of chocolate, the intake of the body of white wine is only 4-8 ml, Is not surprising. However, when the heart of chocolate with its unique taste to win people's favor, eat it 10-20 a day is also a common thing, so there are 40-80 ml of alcohol quietly into the body, which for some people, Especially pregnant women and children, can not be taken lightly. Notice, pregnant women drink, is a taboo thing.

According to the study shows that pregnant women drink can cause miscarriage and neonatal birth weight loss, severe cases, can cause "fetal alcohol syndrome", the performance of central nervous system disorders, children with mental retardation, often accompanied by small deformities, cerebellar hypoplasia , Hydrocephalus, etc .; facial deformity showed short face, ptosis, nostrils small or missing, and also accompanied by heart or other system deformities.

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