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partner for chocolate

  • Author:chocolate-machines.com
  • Source:chocolate-machines.com
  • Release on:2017-08-30
Air conditioning and watermelon cool summer, flower skirt and seaside beauty scene...... See these, your mind will not pop out a word: right? This is called the good partner.

So who is the good partner for chocolate? Coffee, tea, or wine...... YOQ CHOCOLATE MACHINERY provide automatic chocolate making machine.

If you want to use a relationship between chocolate and coffee, that's probably valentine. They are similar in origin and similar in making process, and are fragrant and mellow, but have their own fascinating differences. When the two meet, the espresso and the chocolate roll together, creating a wonderful taste of 1+1>2.

With a cup of strong coffee, chocolate Diaosha collocation. The sweetness of chocolate stimulates the aroma of coffee, allowing it to double and enjoy a quiet afternoon.
Two, Red wine
Chocolate and red wine, two seemingly non tune varieties, but many people in the hearts of the classic match, and even "Eros" Shakespeare has also dumped it. The sour taste in red wine adds fresh flavor to chocolate. In addition, salicylic acid (red wine) and flavanols (chocolate), but also play a similar analgesic effect with aspirin.

Choose a strong red wine, and Tiosa 85 chocolate combinations. Pure bitter dark chocolate, will release the aroma of baking in red wine's help, long aftertaste. YOQ CHOCOLATE MACHINERY the most popular suzhou coated peanut Supplier.
Three,Black tea
In the eyes of gourmet, chocolate and tea is a perfect match. There are many kinds of tea: green tea, Chinese English Black Tea, Japanese tea and Green Tea, mostly fresh and elegant taste. Therefore, when they are combined with mild chocolate, not only aromatic, but also can effectively relieve the mood, so that the whole people calm down. Make a pot of Black Tea, together with the Diaosha taste of truffles. Rich chocolate, accompanied by warm black tea slowly entrance, fragrance in the tip of the tongue spread out, good time can not live up to ~!
Four,Plain water
Whether it is coffee, wine or tea, with their unique flavor is chocolate collocation. However, if you want a chocolate tasting, tasteless white health economic is preferred. It helps to neutralize your palate and allows you to fully appreciate the unique taste of high quality cocoa chocolate.

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