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YOQ Chocolate Machinery Welcomes Customers and Participants to Their Booth 4707 on Process Expo

  • Author:chocolate-machines.com
  • Source:chocolate-machines.com
  • Release on:2017-08-30
YOQ Chocolate Machinery will be attending the Process Expo in Chicago, USA the 19th to 22nd of September this year with booth number 4707. They welcome their esteemed customers and participants of the expo to visit their booth and come to know their company more. YOQ Chocolate Machinery is expecting to meet a lot of people in the Process Expo and excited to get acquainted with them.

YOQ Chocolate Machinery is a professional chocolate machine manufacturer from China and has been in the business for 23 years. Over the course of more than 2 decades in the chocolate business, they have provided their esteemed clients with complete service throughout. They take pride of their advantage, which are the quality automatic chocolate equipment they use for supplying the whole solution.
They supply their clients with the whole solution from raw materials to finished products. This advantage is what allowed YOQ Chocolate Machinery to be the supplier of international confectionery manufacturers such as Nestle, Hershey, Mondelez, Blommer and more. YOQ maintained a long-term cooperation with some of the largest confectionery companies in the world ever since.
In the upcoming Process Expo, YOQ wishes to display the quality chocolate machines that the company is known for. They plan to highlight their good machines in the Expo including the chocolate ball mill machine, automatic chocolate conche machine and holding tank, chocolate enrobing line, chocolate moulding line and the automatic chocolate cooling tunnel.
These were among the good equipments of YOQ that allowed the company to be one of the leading partners of some of the largest confectionery companies in the world. Over the 20 years they have been in the business and has produced a whole set of chocolate equipments for their esteemed clients. As for their customers’ requirements, YOQ can provide customized set of chocolate equipment solutions for their clients.
They can provide design and arrangement for client’s production lines as well as development and research of chocolate formula. They can also provide expertise in manufacturing, installation as well as debugging of chocolate equipment, among all other services. As one of the good chocolate equipment factories in China to participate in the Process Expo, clients and participants are rest assured that their Expo experience in their booth with be pleasing and educational.
For more information about YOQ Chocolate Machinery, please visit http://www.chocolate-machines.com/. For inquiries, please visit sales03@aemost.com.

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