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Waiting for you at the 2016 ALL/Indo PACK exhibition in Jakarta International Expo in Indonesia

  • Author:Fabien
  • Release on:2016-07-19

As a regular participator to all related exhibitions all over the world, YOQ, one of the best chocolate machine supplier, is bound to take part in the 2016 all/indo pack exhibition in jakarta international expo in indonesia, a grand exhibition which takes place every two years. We have the honneur to invite you to visit our stand with the title 'suzhou asia-europe electronic technology co ltd', before all. You are all welcome to know us by surfing the best chocolate machine maker.
We have been specialized in manufacturing chocolate machines for more than 20 years, with such a great qualification, we have established a stable cooperative relationship with NESTLE, KFAFT etc. In a word, YOQ, also named as ASIA-EUROPE BRIDGE electronic technology co ltd, is a trustworthy cooperator who is bound to bring you the success.

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