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Something about chocolate in Japan

  • Author:chocolate-machines.com
  • Source:chocolate-machines.com
  • Release on:2018-03-12

Every year's Valentine's Day,Are you still worried about getting a chocolate

For Japanese men, the threshold is not high. Because if they don't imply that they are each other Mr. Right "Benming chocolate", there will be a full of friendship and gratitude "principles of chocolate".

In Japan, the woman will be on special days, such as February 14th, the so-called "Valentine's Day", for he sent a man to give a woman a gift of chocolate, will have to wait until a month after the so-called "White Valentine's day". Considering the face of men who did not receive chocolate in the same workplace, since 80s of last century, a love chocolate has become popular in Japan.(chocolate beans molding machine)

How do you distinguish between "chocolate" or "chocolate"? Some Japanese netizens have arranged a few points.

First, there are different places to receive chocolate. When two people get along alone, the chocolate they receive is probably "Ben Shi chocolate", and the chocolate that is distributed in the public is usually "chocolate".

Second, the "chocolate" package is more attentively, more exquisite, and more expensive, sometimes with some cards and notes.(cereal bar forming machine Manufacturers)

With the development of chocolate culture in Japan, to give same-sex friends friendship, their "chocolate" reward reward chocolate chocolate market in recent years to occupy half of the country.

A questionnaire survey of women aged 10 to 20 showed that a girl student sent chocolate to 15.2 people on average, and the number of women who gave it to women was the most, accounting for 91.2%, according to the GMO Media Research Institute.

"Asahi Shimbun" quoted the Matsuya Ginza department store at the end of 2016, a questionnaire survey of 32 thousand members of the results reported, the survey in February 14th the proportion of buy chocolate "reward yourself" of up to 54.5%, the average budget of 3507 yen (about 203 yuan). The proportion and amount of budget for advertising to admire even more than the "Benming chocolate".(automatic chocolate coated peanut)

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