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Introduction of our main products

Chocolate conche machine

Chocolate conche is used in fine grinding of chocolate mass, it is the main equipment in chocolate production line.

The material of whole machine is carbon steel in normal situation, but we can change the outside material into stainless steel for your demand. The whole machine is designed with double jacketed which allow cool water circulate, prevent the high temperature burned the chocolate.

QYJ 500 chocolate conche machine is easy to operate. The grinding fineness can be adjusted by your requirement. It is ideal machine for industrial production.

QYJ-500 chocolate cocnhe machine

Chocolate enrobing machine

SJP Series chocolate enrobers are suitable for full, half or bottom-coating of various food, such as biscuit, wafers, egg rolls and snacks, etc, with chocolate or chocolate compound. Hygienic design with stainless steel surface for maximum cleanliness and ease of cleaning. We have two operating system for your choice: Button Type or PLC Programme.

1) Machine widths of 400 to 1200 mm.

2) Uniform coated products.

3) The wire mesh speed can be adjusted by your actual requirement.

4) Detachable lower section containing the chocolate service tank.

SJP chocolate enrobing production line

Chocolate moulding production line

Q112 Automatic chocolate moulding machine is for chocolate deposit forming.

The whole process is fully automatic including depositing, mould plate vibrating, cooling, demoulding, conveying and plate heating. You can choose one head, two heads or three heads moulding line for different products.

The production line is suitable for pure chocolate, center filled chocolate, two color chocolate, four color chocolate, amber or agate chocolate, etc.

Q112 chocolate moulding production line

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