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How do you eat chocolate like an expert

chocolate-machines.com chocolate-machines.com 2017-12-01 14:19:10
Sometimes, Ming and Ming got a super good black and clever, but don't know how to enjoy the appreciation, isn't it a pity? Or sometimes it's embarrassing to mistaken a piece of common chocolate as a high quality chocolate.YOQ CHOCOLATE MACHINERY provided high quality chocolate making machine,such as automatic chocolate enrobing machine

Take a look at how to enjoy a good chocolate bar.
First of all, it is better to have an undisturbed environment, without any other odor interference, so that we can analyze the various flavors of chocolate.
Clean the taste buds, and taste the chocolate when the mouth should not have the remaining taste of other foods. Eat an apple or a piece of bread, the taste of chocolate is very sophisticated at the important.


The size of the chocolates in the entrance is moderate, and if it is too small it may not be able to catch some subtle scents. Besides, it's not enough to grasp the flavor change of a chocolate with one mouthful. The best chocolate can prepare at least 10g, so that you can fully master the whole flavor.
Before tasting, if the chocolate temperature is low, let it stay at room temperature for a while. Low temperature aroma molecules do not affect your ability to smell active.Using the automatic chocolate bar making machine provided by YOQ CHOCOLATE MACHINERY,you can make the best chocolate bar to eat.

Look at the appearance. Good chocolates are usually not too casual and, more importantly, chocolate itself can tell you a lot of information. Good chocolate surface must be smooth, not glaucous. In addition, the higher the cocoa content, the darker the chocolate, and the chocolate color made from some cacao varieties will appear shallower. Although most of the chocolate is brown and black, there is a halo on the surface. The color of this halo is also different, such as pink, purple, red or orange.

The remaining five new method will be updated tomorrow. If you need the machine for producing chocolate,you click chocolate factory machines china