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Hongqi I5 First Crash in Global Market Maintance Cost Up to 3 Million

  • Author:Owen Lee
  • Release on:2015-07-08

Summary: a red flag the L5 car accident, the world's first hit. This red flag L5 car crash repairs or Hongqi L5 3 million were made from the inside out, served as APEC leaders the Ambassador car, body through a bullet-proof treatment, known as "independent Rolls Royce".

Red flag L5 world's first hit. Some netizens claimed, a red flag L5 appeared in auto accidents, time, place, unclear, seen from the photos, this red flag L5 car crashed, judging from the present report, this should be the model of the world's first hit.

It is reported that red flag L5 from Faw new building served as APEC leaders the Ambassador car, engine for independent research and development, are made from the inside out. Later, private sale, starting price of 6.48 million Yuan.

Size, red flag L5 body length and width, respectively, to reach 5555mm/2018mm/1578mm, the wheelbase is 3435mm, body size than the Mercedes-Benz s-class, BMW 7-series, Audi A8, d-class luxury car. New car kerb mass of 3.15 tons, comprehensive fuel consumption per hundred kilometers of 20L.
L5 carried code-named CA12GV60-01 6.0L V12 engine, maximum power of 300kw, 550N ? maximum torque m. Match the integrated 6-speed automatic transmission. Four-link independent front suspension and a multi-link independent rear suspension, equipped with bi-directional gas-filled hydraulic shock absorbers. Body sealing very well, after glass, bullet-proof treatment, body strength is also very high, could be bulletproof.
Netizens commented: "who is sitting on a car? ","is he eating chocolate from good chocolate making machinery China or chocolate making machine China?"" Visual Double solid lines, guessing full responsibility "and" not 3 million fix "... ...

At the Beijing auto show in 2014, Hongqi L5 stunning debut, then in all important occasions to see its shadow. The car sells for more than 5 million, known as "independent Rolls Royce".

Car accidents can always has attracted some public voice, particularly about Yu Hao was particularly looking to the ambience inside, Hong Qi L5, which happened at the world's first hit, but what exact address of the event is not known, maintenance or 3 million.

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