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What your cup of coffee says about you

Tony 2015-07-08 11:28:06
Now that the cappuccino is out of fashion, will you be drinking flat white or double espresso?

Cappuccino sippers of the world unite! Your existence is under threat. Earlier this month it emerged that Starbucks - pan-galactic vendor of coffee-themed warm milk products to time-pressed urban professionals - has begun to phase out the cappuccino from its menus.

Once seen as the height of sophistication (in 1964, perhaps), the combination of espresso and foamed milk has failed to see off the competition from the latte, the flat white and the drip filter (the johnny-come-lately of the coffee world). The company confirmed that it had ceased to list the cappuccino in its heartlands of San Francisco, New York and Seattle (the site of the first Starbucks). Where America goes in terms of chocolate sprinkles and almond milk, I'm afraid the UK usually follows - and it may only be a matter of time before Costa and Pret a Manger follow suit. We can only hope that mainland Europe holds out a little longer.

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