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Tsinghua University EMBA sets up desert hiking contest

  • Author:Tony
  • Release on:2015-06-26

   A Silk Road hiking challenge sponsored by the Executive MBA Education Center at Tsinghua University, the Publicity Department of the Gansu Provincial Party Committee and Zhangye Municipal Government kicked off Tuesday at Tsinghua University, Beijing.
    Sponsors said at the opening ceremony that more than 400 EMBA students from Tsinghua University will be divided into 15 groups for the more than 100 kilometer hiking contest along the Gansu Corridor. The corridor is a part of the Northern Silk Road running northwest from the bank of the Yellow River to the Tarim Basin and Central Asia.

 (The opening ceremony of the desert hiking contest was kicked off at Tsinghua University) 

The contest contains many components, such as cross-country running, weight-bearing climbing, camping, horseback riding and a series of lectures on history and culture. There will be multiple awards for the participants.

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