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Italy, France accept gaokao scores

  • Author:Tony
  • Release on:2015-06-26
    Up to 1,000 universities in 14 popular overseas destinations for Chinese applicants now accept gaokao test scores as admission criteria, according to a report released on Monday by an online portal for students.
The findings reflect increasing overseas recognition for China's national college entrance examination, though it still lags behind other exams.
London-based MyOffer, which helps international students with university placement, overseas internships and career development, released the study as this year's gaokao scores were announced in some parts of China. Earlier reports claimed that gaokao results were accepted in 20 countries and regions, but MyOffer's study contains by far the most detailed findings available.
Italy and France, according to MyOffer, are the most welcoming destinations. All of France's more than 180 universities and colleges accept gaokao scores.

(Fresh from the gaokao, the national college entrance exam, students in Beijing attend an advisory event at Beijing Union University on Monday before they make decisions about where to submit their university applications.)

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