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Suzhou Chocolate Grandma----Shunyin Ji

  • Author:Owen Lee
  • Release on:2015-06-24

For people in China who loves chocolate, Chinese chocolate seems always not that fancy and delicate as French and Belgium’s. However, the 11th China International Sweet Food and Snacks Food Exhibition held in Beijing International Meeting Center. One type of chocolate in suzhou not only surprise the committee of China Food Industry, but also make the European put the thumbs up.

This kind of chocolate is invented by our first professional chocolate expert, Shunyin Ji. Earlier in 1980s, she was famous in European countries. This Chocolate Grandma was located in Linhu Town in Wuzhong District. Grandma’s best wish is that Chocolate making machine China can not only make the best chocolate making machinery in China but also chocolate machine global supplier.

Invented many formula and made so many delicious chocolate, what is the reason cannot find it in the market? The retired Shunying Ji was intended to research, but never made a produce or sales team, therefore, all the formula was produced in small scale. When she was interviewed, she said, “some of them tried to contact me and buy my formula and produce the chocolate, but i am afraid that they cut ingredient and make worse of the chocolate brand.”

Shunying Ji wants to find chocolate machine supplier and chocolate coating machine supplier to corporate. Finally, she decided to stay in Suzhou where the origin of chocolate makes.

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