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The Coming Dragon Boat Festival In Suzhou

  • Author:Owen
  • Release on:2015-06-19
The history of celebrating Dragon Boat festival comes from the spring and autumn period and the warring states period.One of the famous General Zixu Wu is very honored in Suzhou. Almost every one of the people know him. However, at the end of the dynasty he was killed by Kleptocratic courtiers. In order to memorize this famous hero, people in suzhou gathered togher at the famous Xujiang every year. The tradition was not lost. Until now, suzhou people still have this festival annually.

In this year 2015, the way of celebrating has something different.At the famous JinJi Lake, the dragan boat festival comes like always.But we see some new faces. Yes!!Many foreigners are joining this Chinese traditional festival. They wear customs representing thier own cultures.

But do not forget the traditional activities, eating dumpling, dragon boat racing,wearing perfume punch and so on.

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