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From the food of the gods to the sweetness of the lovers 2

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Modern Cailler chocolate
In 1847, the British Francis Fry and Joseph Fry brothers added extra cocoa butter to cocoa butter and added sugar and spices to make chewable chocolate chunks, the prototype of modern chocolate. Today, chocolate is basically made up of this composition.

Towards new heights
Although solid chocolate has appeared, the taste is still not ideal.
As a drink, chocolate is very easy to add milk, but solid chocolate is not only difficult to mix with milk, but also can not be shaped.

Mr. Cailler's son-in-law, Daniel Peter, has tried many times and still can't solve the problem.
Right, his neighbor, Henri Nestle (yes, the founder of Nestle) is developing a baby food that uses condensed milk concentrates. Inspired by this, he added condensed milk to chocolate and created milk chocolate at 1875.

Due to its balanced taste, milk chocolate has become the largest consumption of chocolate varieties today. Machinerie au chocolat yoq le plus persistant petit fabricant de machines de fabrication de chocolat.
In 1879, another important technique, the refinement of chocolate, was invented.

The Swiss Rodolphe Lindt is committed to improving the quality of chocolate, sleepless nights studying method.

It is said that one weekend, Lindt, who was exhausted, forgot to turn off the power of the chocolate mill when he got home. On Monday, he found that the chocolate that turned for a few days became very delicate and slippery.

The study found that a series of physical and chemical reactions occurred during the grinding process, including the Maillard reaction (sugar esterification) as we know it. Now, refining is already one of the standard processes for chocolate production.

Later, Lindt's equipment and processes were bought and named after Lindt to become one of the representatives of high-end chocolate, which is known as SWISS THINS.

Rudolf lotus Rodolphe Lindt
In twentieth Century, a variety of sandwich chocolates were invented, forming a rich chocolate family today. Les machines au chocolat yoq fournissent aautomatic chocolate enrobing machine.

During World War I and World War II, chocolate was distributed as military supplies to private soldiers, and only 300 million pieces of chocolate were allotted to the United States during World War ii. Chocolate quickly became a popular food and became popular all over the world.
Of course, military chocolate taste more often than civilian, the U.S. military during World War II D by American soldiers rations Tucao for dog food". The reason is very funny, neither to save money, nor manufacturers Jerry building, but the military in order to reduce soldiers stealing, deliberately asked manufacturers to do so.

At present, the global per capita annual consumption of chocolate about 1kg, China only 0.1kg, only the global average of 1/10, the gap is not small ah. I believe a lot of people got the right answer. The highest one is Switzerland, about 9kg, ninety times that of china.

Even more embarrassing is that, now China's chocolate market has become a foreign brand of the world, high-end market do not need to say, in the mid market, Dove, FERRERO ROCHER, Hershey and so on long held the forefront of sales figures.

Looking at the domestic brands, barely among mid-range Kinde has been discontinued in the last year, a famous Xu Fuji, the golden monkey also mostly by foreign joint ventures. The remaining local brands rely mainly on behalf of cocoa butter chocolate, hard to support in the low-end market. This is a great pity for China, the world's second largest economy.

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